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Earthquake : Warning or Torture?

In one month period, Indonesia was bustling with disaster especially earthquake. The first is in north coast of java, exactly in nort side of Jakarta. Then south coast of Jogjakarta on 27 Mei that make most serious damaged and smashed with more than five thousand people as victims. And then earthquake in Papua and Padang.

It's merely common disaster that often said as 'world symptom' or any other mean? I think i'ts just warning to us that God is The King of the world that could do manything included destroying this world. In prophet period, God punishing sinned people straightaway and at the time as their torture. In Holy mentioned that after Muhammad period, God will delay their punishment in judgement day, after end of world. So, all disaster that happen should be warning to us to always instropection. Great disaster maybe as early torture just to fu**ing people that violate law and God regulation when live in the world. How about 'ur opinion?..


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